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Ministry Mission Statement

In the 1st Century, small communities were the Church, so the idea of Small Church Communities is certainly not a new one, though these groups are relatively new to St. Francis. Their smallness offers everyone an opportunity to meet and befriend other members of the parish. We especially hope new members of this very large parish will find this attractive.

The first stage as a small group involves meeting for fellowship, familiarity, friendship and the establishment of comfort and trust. Nothing is needed except a willingness to share one’s life experiences. There are no lessons, no homework, no tests and no wrong answers.

Since there are usually only 6-12 people in each group, it is really quite easy for anyone to establish a “comfort zone.” Many materials are available to help with study of the Liturgy for the coming Sunday and for discussion of other faith-related topics. Each group determines its own agenda and successful materials are frequently shared between groups.

Current Ministry Activities:

Currently (2011), we meet twice a year with all the groups (and guests) for a Mass and a “Potluck” Supper.

The long range ideal for the parish is to have everyone, including our part-time and Hispanic parishioners, be a member of a Small Church Community. Hopefully, most of those who try the first stage will choose to continue (together), but there is no pressure to do so.

As participants you can….

–  Share faith and serve the spiritual journeys of others
–  Reflect on the Scriptures
–  Build community through meeting face-to-face as a small group “church.”
–  Grow in discipleship
–  Have fun with your new extended family

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Anyone with curiosity about this growing ministry should contact one of the facilitators on the list and we will try to find a place for you to make a trial run. One easy way to get started is with a handful of friends. Any of a number of existing members or couples would be willing to guide you through the first few meetings, until you are comfortable on your own.

Get in touch with an SCC Contact to get more information.


It is said, “If you don’t know the Bible, you don’t know Christ”, St. Jerome.  Come join your fellow parishioners in studying The Gospel of Mark every Thursday at 9 a.m. in the Family Center. Please contact Jim Hyland (681-6871) or John Grauer (681-5646) for more details.

Are you or your small group looking for books, videos, or tapes/CDs?  We now have resources available by appointment.  To see a list of available resources, click on the library links below:

To see a list of available resources, click on the library links below:





CDs and Tapes