Small Church Communities Facilitators

Contact: Ron Naumann

E-Mail:   Ron Naumann

Small Church Communities are led by facilitators. Although existing groups are listed by plantation, groups are not restricted to plantation boundaries.  All are willing, even anxious, to accept guests or new members.  Our goal is to grow in faith and numbers and then divide into other smaller groups.

For information on existing small groups, you may click on one of the links below to contact a group facilitator:

Hilton Head Plantation – Tom & Katie Strub

Hilton Head Plantation – Ron & Kay Naumann

Hilton Head Plantation –  Bill Trecartin

Indigo Run Plantation – Art & Mary Smith

Port Royal Plantation – Art Tonkinson

Port Royal Plantation Plus – Brad & Nancy Simpson

Spanish Groups – Maria Elena Salazar

Multi-location – Mitzi Weaver

Art Tonkinson’s-Men’s Group – Art Tonkinson

St. Francis by the Sea – Family Center- Brad Simpson-Men’s Group – Brad Simpson

Under Construction – Ron Naumann