St. Francis Catholic School

Contact: Principal, Brian Pope
681-6501 x223

St. Francis  Catholic School logoSt. Francis Catholic School on Hilton Head Island, SC, supports the Hilton Head/Bluffton communities in the Diocese of Charleston, SC. This includes the parishes of St. Francis by the Sea and Holy Family.

St. Francis Catholic School’s mission is to nurture its students’ spiritual and intellectual growth in an authentically Catholic community committed to academic excellence.

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St. Francis Catholic School Org Chart

St. Francis by the Sea School Objectives

In order to implement our mission we strive:

1) To help children grow and mature in their faith-life through participation in the sacramental life of the Church.

2) To teach authentic Catholic doctrine in accordance with the Magisterium of the Church.

3) To provide each student with a solid academic background, using the best available teaching methods, materials, and technology.

4) To encourage each student to become self-disciplined through a consistent, fair, and structured environment.

5) To help each child to develop intellectually in order to meet the demands of society and to make valid choices based on truth.

6) To instill in each child a concern and awareness for the oppressed and needy, motivating him/her to action and service.

Our hope is that every graduate of St. Francis Catholic School is a person of FAITH, INTEGRITY, and SCHOLARSHIP.

St. Francis Catholic School Advisory Council

Rev. Michael Oenbrink (Pastor)
Brian Pope (Principal)
Rita Becker (Facilitator)
John Jolley (Co-Facilitator)
Tom Brino
Stephanie Finnan
Kathleen Mayers
Bob Oppenheimer
Maria Belbas Parker
Brad Simpson