Backpack Buddies

Contact: Debbi W. Dunlap


“Packing Meetings” are normally the second Thursday of the month in the Family Center (there are exceptions due to school closures)

Ministry Mission Statement: Backpack Buddies (BPB) was created in 2010 to provide nutritious food on school year weekends to children who qualify for subsidized lunches during the week but may go hungry on the weekends. Currently, 51% of the public grammar school-aged children on the Island fit this criteria.

Current Ministry Activities: St. Francis is a packing site for one of the 3 Hilton Head public grammar schools, we serve namely The School of Creative Arts. As such, we use volunteer help for several tasks including: driving to Yemassee to pick up food supplies from the Low Country Food Bank once per month, helping to set up and pack the individual bags once a month in the family center, delivering heavy packed bins to the schools after the packing, picking up empty bins, and packing bags into backpacks at the school site.

Current Volunteer Opportunities: We are grateful that we presently have abundant volunteer participation.