Parish Leadership

St. Francis by the Sea Parish Leadership

Icons of Mary & JesusReverend Michael J. Oenbrink, Pastor

Mr. Joseph Nazzaro, Deacon
Mr. Gerard Hand, Deacon
Mr. Patrick Sheehan, Deacon

Sister Kathleen Kane, SSMN, Pastoral Associate

Contact information for these parish leaders can be found on the Parish Staff page.

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Pastor through which the Christian faithful can offer their gifts and “their help in fostering pastoral activity.” This is both the role and purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council. More details can be found on the Pastoral Council page.

Parish Finance Council

The primary mission of the Finance Council is to assist the pastor in the responsible planning and administering of all parish financial matters, to set parish financial policy, and to provide effective management of parish assets. In the performance of its duties, the Council will adhere to appropriate diocesan fiscal policy and norms stated in Canon Law 537. The most significant of these duties are as follows:

• Participate in the preparation of a sound budgeting process;
• Review operating statements and all financial activities on a monthly basis;
• Formulate and manage a facilities maintenance program;
• Establish and maintain a system of internal controls for the proper handling of
• Maintain a liaison with the School, the Thrift Shop, and other parish ministries;
• Provide for sufficient capital reserves;
• Develop plans for investment of assets;
• Develop plans for payment of parish debt;
• Coordinate the areas of parish stewardship and development;
• Review and approve the quarterly financial report prior to submission to the
• Prepare and present an annual financial report to the parish at large; and
• Maintain an accurate inventory of the parish’s movable contents.

The latest news and more details can be found on the Finance Council page.

Parish Administrative Staff

More information can be found on the Parish Staff Contacts page.

St. Francis School Board

The St. Francis School Board is composed of both ordained and lay members. Each of the pastors of the local Catholic parishes that participate in the school as well as lay members of each parish are involved in the direction and oversight of the school’s operation. Information about the School Board members can be found on the St. Francis School page.