Parish Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Bob Doyle and Brad Simpson, our 2017 Parishioners of the Year!


If you have volunteered at our Parish or school, you probably know Bob Doyle because of his involvement in so many ministries!

Bob serves with Mary, as a Eucharistic Minister to the sick.  He is currently involved with the BackPack Buddies, Parish and School Long Range Planning, Knights of Columbus, Technology Committee, Parish Finance Council, St. Francis School Advisory Council, and the Ad Hoc Committee to upgrade the Parish web site and phone app.  He has been a Thrift Shop volunteer for over 11 years and served on the Thrift Shop Advisory council for 6 years.

Bob taught CCD Confirmation classes for 9 years and has worked on the FSA Gala Committee, and JP II Advisory Board development.  He headed the Parish Communications Committee for 7 years . Bob  assisted in developing the Ministry Fair, Electronic giving, Welcome New Parishioners and Fellowship Sunday programs.

Bob also served as a member of the Parish Council for 5 years, facilitating the council for 1 year, and was Chairman of the Capital Campaign for the Multipurpose Building and Art Center.

It is with great appreciation that we give Bob the 2017 Parishioner of the Year Award.



Many parishioners know Brad as the frequent cantor at Sunday Mass, but few probably know the many contributions Brad has made to our parish and school. 

Brad chaired both the Pastoral Council and its Long Range Planning Committee from 2006-2010.    During this time he was also a choir member, a Thrift Shop volunteer, a member of a small church group and a perpetual adorer.  In the Knights of Columbus he served as Grand Knight and led the Columbus Hope fundraising for developmentally challenged people.  He’s also been an active member of our Thursday Bible Study group and facilitated numerous sessions during the last 8 years.

A member of the St. Francis Catholic School Council for 7 years, Brad served as Facilitator for 2 years.  He is currently serving on the Development, Enrollment and Ownership/Staffing committees for the Five Year Strategic Plan.

It is with deep appreciation that we give Brad the 2017 Parishioner of the Year Award.


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