Altar Servers

Altar Servers


Ministry Mission Statement:  The vocation of Altar Server is to assist the Priest and Deacon at Holy Mass and at other liturgical celebrations (weddings, benediction, vespers, etc.) This ministry is for young people who have received First Holy Communion.  Schedules are sent out on a quarterly basis and training is provided on an “as needed” basis.

Current Ministry Activities:  The Altar Server function is a very important and honored role. In assisting the Priest or Deacon, the Altar Server is, in a very special way, helping to offer the sacrifice of the Mass. This includes several tasks such as cross bearer, candle bearer and incense bearer.  On special occasions, such as the Sacrament of Confirmation, the Bishop is assisted by Altar Servers, which is a very special honor.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:  Normally, an Altar Server will be scheduled to serve at least once or twice per month (depending upon the number of servers available). However, they must be willing to serve if and when they arrive at Mass and there is a need for them to fill in.

For more Information about altar serving and to see when the next training session will take place, please e-mail Colleen Rzeczyck

 Altar Server Brochure

Altar Server Application

To view the current Altar Server Schedule, click on the link below to go to:
Minister Scheduler Pro

(If you need a password and a log in Id, please contact Colleen Rzeczycki)