Ministry Mission Statement: A ministry of hospitality and caring to show Christ’s love for all and to augment liturgies.

Current Ministry Activities: Provide seating assistance; take offertory and special collections; assist communicants during the reception of the Eucharist; support the administration of collections; coordinate presentation of the offerings of the faithful; manage unusual circumstances like medical emergencies, security and safe environment procedures, special celebrations, etc; facilitate departure and ready the church building for the next liturgy.

Current Volunteer Opportunities: We are always looking for new ushers. Volunteers select the mass time they will usher.

Resource Requirements: Commit to at least four, and not more than six monthly assignments per year. Prior experience is not needed and each new usher attends a one-on-one training session. Ushers are asked to adhere to a dress code.

“Christ has no body now but yours.
No hands, no feet on earth but yours.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours.”
St. Theresa of Avila


On behalf of 50+ dedicated and reliable men and women who serve as ushers, thanks for visiting our webpage. This section includes information on our activities and usher guidelines. We are always looking for new ushers. Please see the Becoming an Usher and Commitment and Understanding paragraphs below to learn how easy it is for you to join the Usher Ministry.



Any member of our faith community can be an usher. Assigned Ushers commit to being on a four-member team for the same Mass for at least four and not more than six monthly assignments per year. Unassigned Ushers commit to being alternates who can be contacted to substitute when an assigned usher cannot attend a specific Mass. All ushers are needed for special liturgies throughout the liturgical year, especially during Easter and Christmas.

Mass Captains:

5:30pm – George Salemi   –   7:30am – Jules Parrella

9:00am – Jim Berl  –  10:30am – Carol Mullally-Druhot

12:15pm – Marlene Meehan


Ministry Promise: Show Christ’s love for all; demonstrate everyone is welcome; hope all depart feeling commendable because they were here.

  • Attend a one-on-one training session; commit to at least four, and not more than six monthly assignments per year.
  • Captains for each Mass insure a full complement of ushers at every liturgy and foster uniformity by supporting all procedures and guidelines.
  • An usher who becomes unable to fulfill an assignment is responsible for finding a replacement, and then notifying the Usher Captain.
  • We use the Internet and telephone to be informed and stay current.
  • Dress codes: badges worn by all. Blue blazer for men and blue or black jackets for women.
  • Arrive about 20 minutes before Mass begins…. always check and discuss any unusual circumstances with fellow ushers before the liturgy begins.