Wedding Preparation Team

Contact: Judy Kinard

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Church PlazaMinistry Mission Statement: Wedding Preparation Team members help with the setup and organization of weddings. This ministry affords the opportunity to provide pastoral care and a warm welcome to the couples that celebrate their weddings at St. Francis.  The Priest or Deacon celebrant are present at the rehearsals and weddings and are assisted by the teams.

Current Ministry Activities: Attend wedding rehearsals (generally held on Friday afternoon).  Assist in setting up for the ceremony, assist participants in the ceremony, and serve as Eucharistic ministers during the Mass.  Volunteers are divided into teams and commit to one wedding per month.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:  New members are always welcome.

When asked to comment on what their Ministry means to them, wedding team members shared a variety of thoughts:

“What a pleasure to be part of one of the happiest times in a couple’s life. It’s a joy to turn the chaos and commotion of a rehearsal into the serenity and beauty of the wedding the next day.”

“Being part of the wedding team is a delightful service. As husband and wife it is something we can do together and is a special blessing.”

“We truly like being part of the team because it reminds us of the beautiful vows we made.”

“We pray these couples will remember that the grace bestowed on them will help them survive the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health. Then their happiness can know no bounds.”

Marriage Anniversary Blessings

Throughout the year, couples who have been married in the Catholic Church like to celebrate a milestone anniversary, usually their 50th, with a marriage blessing. Most of the time, these are celebrated on Saturday or Sunday during the Mass and generally there are only a few details to work out. Besides the actual blessing, the couple may have the front pews reserved for their family, and the couple may bring up the offertory gifts. Also the couple and their family may be included in the procession. The pastor must approve all arrangements. Parishioners on the team serve as a conduit between the pastor and the couple as they make their plans for the blessing and serve as host/hostess to the couple and their family as they arrive at the church and await the Mass. Contact the parish office for details.