Vocations Chalice Programs

Bishop Guglielmone has requested that a vocation chalice program be established in each parish in the diocese.  St. Francis by the Sea has two programs: The Parish Chalice Program and the Knights of Columbus Chalice Program.

Praying for vocations to the religious life is the primary purpose of these programs.  We also pray to give our lives in loving service through married life, the single life, the consecrated life and the ordained life.

Parish Chalice Program

Contact: Jean Schneiderwind                     phone: 843-603-6034

On a rotating basis the chalice is transferred from home to home at one of the Sunday Masses.  The person (s) receiving the chalice return the chalice the next week at the same mass, to be received at the next mass by another.

The chalice is taken home and placed in a prominent place.  At least once a day the member(s) of the household should recite the vocation prayer, the rosary or other appropriate prayers.  On passing the chalice during the day, a short ejaculation is suggested, such as “Heavenly Father please send us many and holy priests” or “God the Holy Spirit, please enlighten us to the Will of the Father”.

Parishioners are assigned through the parish ministry-scheduling program. To schedule for this important program, please contact Colleen Rzeczycki  – phone: (843) 681-6350 x249 at the Religious Education Office and discuss the Mass at which you can accept the chalice.

Knight of Columbus Chalice Program


The Council program began in 2002 and has been in continuous circulation without interruption.  This program is limited to its membership.  From time to time, Brother Knights exchange their chalice at a Sunday mass.  More information on the Knights chalice program can be found on the K of C Council website: www.kochhi.org.