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Much thought has gone into how we could gradually reopen our Church to the sacraments in a safe way.  Many considerations have been weighed and discussed to provide the safest communal Masses under current threats of coronavirus.  Here are some of the guidelines that we are going to be asking of everyone to be in compliance with guidelines from the diocese and meet our goals of a safe participation in the Mass based on each individual’s unique circumstances.  Please be patient and respect the needs of our community to provide safe sacramental opportunities.  We are all hopeful this is just a beginning.

If you have not been receiving our Daily Updates, please either call Colleen Rzeczycki at 843-681-6350, Ext. 249 or you may e-mail her with your name and your e-mail address. If you do not have an e-mail address, please call Colleen directly and she will schedule you in for a Mass. Please note that you must provide us with a good phone number to reach you in the event that changes occur.

Mass Schedule Resumes

The Faithful remain dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation through May 31st and until notified otherwise.  But we would like to encourage parishioners to attend Mass at least once a week and receive communion if they are able and feel comfortable in doing so under our current restrictions. We also give those who attend our daily Mass in the morning a chance to enter into a communal penance service and receive General Absolution from the priest before each Mass.  Upon the return of normal confessions those who receive pardon for serious sin through the general absolution are to go to individual confession.  We are hopeful that confession by appointment will be available starting June 1st.  All Masses will take place in the Family Center, unless otherwise noted. Our intent is to increase opportunities to receive the sacraments in compliance with all diocesan guidelines.

Attendees Should . .

  • Be scheduled in advance (see below form for sign ups) and all family members in your household coming to mass with you should be given.  This is vital information.  All record of Mass attendees will be kept for at least two weeks.
  • Seats will be assigned
  • Remain 6 feet apart except when with your household members.
  • Masks are strongly recommended and when receiving communion will be required.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon arrival
  • Please do not gather in the parking lot, in the plaza, or the narthex. This includes celebrants/deacons, and assisting ministers
  • Ushers will be at each entry for check in
  • Offertory will be placed inside the door and parishioners will be able to drop of their envelopes prior to any Mass.  We strongly suggest that you use either checks or our online giving.  Do not put loose cash in the baskets.

Stay Home if . . .

  • You have pre-existing conditions or are considered high risk as per the guidelines of the CDC.  Please click here to review.  This is very important to read in order to determine if you may return to Mass safely.
  • You are feeling sick or a family member in your household is sick
  • You suspect that you are getting sick
  • 65 and older, the Bishop strongly recommends that you delay returning to communal Masses until it is safer.  You are asked to continue to participate spiritually in the Live Streaming Masses.  Maintain your life of prayer and look for ways to help others.


The priest, after receiving communion, will conclude the Mass.  He will then put on a face mask, sanitize his hands and prepare for those who wish to receive communion.  There will be row by row procession to receive the Eucharist and to leave the Mass maintaining social distance.   Please do not linger after Mass and return directly to your cars.

Communicants will . . .

  • Wear a mask up to receive communion (The Spiritual Communion Prayer will be read for those who will leave without receiving the Eucharist.)
  • Walk up as a household only and keep 6 feet between households
  • After receiving the Eucharist, walk over to the designated area, lift your mask, consume the Eucharist and quietly exit the Mass.

In The Church No . . .

  • Exchange of peace
  • Singing
  • Chalice distribution
  • Missalettes
  • Bulletins (our bulletins are available to read on our website or by signing up with your e-mail via our webpage)
  • Use of restroom unless an emergency

Please click this link to view a map of where the Family Center and the Gym are located on our Campus.

Mass Sign Ups for the Week of June 8th - June 14th






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