Sixth & Confirmation 1 Lessons

Hello hello!

How are you all doing this end of week?

I recorded a little check in video for the students about God’s provision for our life in the midst of this virus. I was wondering if you wanted to share it with the school? Perhaps the older kids and the parents could garner something from it? I want to show my support to ALL the students and parishioners as their youth minister and not just the 8th grade (that’s American right? Not grade 8’s?)


God Bless,

Klaudia Rychlicka

Hi Confirmation youth!

How are you all doing? I miss you all!

St. Gregory’s will be hosting a High School Bible Study tonight at 7 pm on zoom (an app for your phone or computer you can download) and the phone to call to join the video chat is: meeting id:


Let me know if you will be joining via this email. I would like to gage if you would be interested in having a virtual study on our own for tomorrow.

God Bless!


Hi Students!

I hope you and your family joined the universal Catholic Church this morning in attending a virtual live feed of the Holy Mass :D

If you are going stir crazy like myself then please join Project YM TONIGHT for a fun and interactive LIVE chat with popular speakers, fun games, music and a chance to win some PRIZES!

When: Sunday, March 22nd at 8pm-9pm eastern time.
Who: YOU!

St. Francis by the Sea is registered, please join by clicking this link:

March 22 - Week #2

Hi all!

Happy Saturday!

Ascension Presents has given FREE access to ALL content including our “Theology of the Body-for middle school” workbook + video series:

Video on Lesson #7: “Holy Orders and Vocations”:

Work on Lesson #7 (pg. 86):

Early Easter present, enjoy! It’s very interactive, so parents can really get involved with students :D

God Bless,

Klaudia Rychlicka

Director of Youth Ministry

March 18th - Week #1

Good afternoon Parents and Confirmation 2021 candidates 1!

We will sure be missing youth group and confirmation preparation tonight with you all BUT we will all make do with virtual assignments in hopes of enriching our Faith together, even though separated J

We are continuing this week with Lesson #7: “Vocations - What is God Calling Me To- Is it Holy Orders?”

Let us begin with an opening prayer:

 Dearest Jesus, teach me to be generous, teach me to love and serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and to look for no reward, except that of knowing that I do you Holy Will. Amen


Let us together reflect on the holy orders vocations, take our questions to God in prayer as we watch this video by Fr. Mike and Fr Josh on their vocations of the priesthood:


 Breakdown of Catholic Holy Orders by youtubers “Catholic Central”:


 Have you ever seen Sister Cristina perform Alicia Key’s “no one” on The voice?? CHECK-IT-OUT:


 Q-U-I-C-K Q-U-I-Z:

  •  Jesus called the Twelve__________ and established the priesthood through them


  • By means of his ordination, a priest is empowered to minister in the place of Christ, or__________
  • In the Spirit (b) in persona Christi (c) in excelsis deo (d) in divine right


        (3)The Church is considered the_______ of Christ

       (a) miracle (b) bride (c) rock


God Bless!

Klaudia Rychlicka

Director of Youth Ministry