SFCS 8th Grade Lessons

St. Francis Catholic School Student 8th Grade Lessons

Hello parents

This is the assigned work for Journal entries day #6! I have also shared a video I recorded, checking in with a little talk on God’s providence in our lives

Howdy students, 

I never use that word, but since living in the South, I feel mighty compelled to start! 

I'm enjoying reading all of your journal entries, keep em' coming. I just want to encourage you to continue expanding on your ideas and if you're struggling with that, please focus on something specific in the videos you watch. It could even  be so specific as a sentence you came across.  I'm very happy with the content but some journals are a little vague, and I know there is more depth you can explore, that's a general feedback because we always have more depth within us, it's about allowing ourselves to be more vulnerable. 

Again, I am the only one reading these journal entries so I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me