Altar Linens

Contact: Georgianne & Joel Hudon

Mission Statement: This ministry is an integral part of the Eucharistic celebration. A group of parishioners care for the linens used at daily and Sunday Masses.

Current Activities: Volunteers ensure that there is always a supply of freshly laundered and ironed liturgical linens. Linens in need of repair or laundering are usually picked up on Fridays and Sundays.

Thank you, Linen Ministry!

During any given week, the church uses 20 lavabo towels (used during the washing of the Priest's hands), 20 purificators (used to purify the Priest's chalice) and 3 corporals (used on the altar covering the altar cloth), and countless other linens.  This does not include change of season, weddings, funerals, and feast days when we have extra masses.  Each linen is hand rinsed in the Sacrarium sink before they leave the Church, then taken home and washed and ironed.  An amazing group of ladies, led by Georgianne Hudon, work truly behind the altar and find a way to remove any stains and whiten all these linens (how do they keep them so white!)   This important ministry was left of our the original recognition of volunteers at Christmas; theirs is a year-round job and does not go unnoticed by any of the sacristans or priests.  Many thanks to Georgianne Hudon, Caryn Syndal, Barbara Cooke, Bernadine Darling, Sandy Ploszaj, Lorraine Dufour, and Gloria Swanson.  On behalf of a grateful Parish family, THANK YOU!


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