Welcome Home Ministry

Contact: Ron Angner

Scheduled Meetings:  Announced as needed to support program requirements.

Mission Statement: To provide a welcoming environment to all inactive Catholics so that they can have an intimate union with Jesus Christ, for it is only He who can shatter the darkness of our lives with the light of his love.

Current Activities:  Welcome Home is a program for Catholics who are thinking about returning to the Church. Its objective is to reunite inactive Catholics to the church and help them to understand more clearly the Church and its teachings.  The program uses materials from the Awakening Faith program as the foundation for conducting the program sessions.  The resulting process is a method of Evangelization outreach that equips a parish to successfully invite and welcome inactive Catholics.

Current Volunteer Opportunities: Key to the success of the program is the pro-active assistance of all our parishioners. We need:

  • Welcome Home Lead(s) – loving, outgoing, and welcoming folks whose faith and love of Jesus shines like a bright star – Jesus’ love for all shines thru them. These folks are responsible for being contacts for anyone showing an interest in coming back to the church. They are responsible for explaining our program and bringing interested people along and encouraging them to participate in our program. These people would also act as the program facilitators.
  • Ambassadors – people with big welcoming smiles that will act as greeters and hosts during the program sessions and at various times in the narthex of the church.
  • Prayer Partnerspeople that pray for the success of the ministry and also may be assigned to pray for a specific individual that is considering coming back or has made the decision to come back to the Church.
  • Set-up/take-downpeople who are willing to set up, clean-up the room(s) and provide refreshments for the sessions.

If this vibrant program at the forefront of the Church’s message of evangelization and hope “calls out to you” or you simply want to learn more, please contact Ron Angner, 843-686-6037, for more information.

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Suggested reading materials:

Rediscover Catholicism by Mathew Kelly

Welcome Home Brochure for Inquirers

Welcome Home Brochure for Parishioners

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