Sharing Thy Bounty

Contact: Steve Petro

Mission Statement: Share Thy Bounty is a service program that reaches beyond the boundaries of our parish.  Parishioners donate food items that become available to local organizations and agencies who in turn distribute to the working poor and to those in need.

Current Ministry Activities: The first Sunday of every month, parishioners bring bags of food to the Church Narthex before mass.  Volunteers deliver and assemble the food for pick up at the Family Center.

Current Volunteer Opportunities: Always looking for volunteers to handle Share Thy Bounty at various masses.  Please see contact information above.

We are called to love the poor; those who are hungry, thirsty, ill; those who are strangers.

We would like to thank all of our Parishioners for your overwhelming generosity in our August and September collection.  Not only did we feed the hungry; we also put brand new sneakers on over 100 children for the start of the new school year!  Thank you for opening your hearts!


Sharing Thy Bounty is November 4th & 5th.  Our Agency will be Sandalwood Food Pantry.  Their needs are as follows: socks (adult & children), towels and washcloths, and non-perishable food items.  Donation can be left in the donation cart in the Narthex of the Church or in the Family Center during Fellowship Sunday.  "Have a doughnut and leave a donation."

Relief for Puerto Rico:

Dear Parishioners,

As you may be aware, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean is facing a humanitarian crisis, as a result of Hurricane Maria and Irma. There are approximately 3.4 million U.S. Citizens in that small island that are screaming for help. St Francis Youth Ministry, St Francis Catholic School, Sharing Thy Bounty Ministry, and St Gregory the Great Youth Ministry will be joining efforts to gather non-perishable food and other items that are greatly needed. Please stop by the Narthex with any questions regarding how can you help or to pick up a list of items needed. Please remember the food items must not require cooking nor heating to be consume. May God bless you and let’s save some lives.  To access the list, please click on this link.


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