Young Adult

Contact:  Hector Morales

Mission:  To help Young Adults answer the Universal Call to Holiness and Universal Call to Mission by connecting Young Adults with Jesus Christ, His Church, and His Challenge to bring Gospel - with its message of hope to society.

About Young Adults:  Young Adulthood has a broad range of life stages, including, but not limited to newly post high school graduation, single professionals, up through newly married and new parenthood.

What the Young Adult Ministry Provides:

  • Location and Interaction:  A consistent place to gather, consistent guidance from Young Adult Ministry Coordinators and Priests, and intentionally organized time.

  • Spiritual Formation through:  The sacraments, different forms of prayer, adoration, opportunities for praise and worship, and dynamic speakers.

  • Social Gathering:  A meal or chance to gather once a week offered separate from bible study and small groups.

  • Service:  Group volunteers work in conjunction with Catholic Social Services or a parish based ministry at least once a quarter, members of the group are involved in our parish serving as lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Cantors, Ushers, Youth Group Core Team, or Religious Education Catechists.

Days and times of the Young Adult meetings to be determined.

I am interested in learning more about the Young Adult Ministry