Kairos Prison Ministry

Contact: Paul Bombige

Scheduled Meetings: As needed

Mission Statement:  Bring the love of Jesus to prisoners and their families.

Kairos is prison ministry for male and female prisoners – adults and youth people. We hope to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus and, impact the hearts and lives of the incarcerated as they become loving and productive citizens in their communities.  Kairos, in Christian theology, means the appointed time in the purpose of God.  

Current Activities: We offer programs that serve prisoners and their families in nearby correctional institutions in Ridgeland and Allendale.  A typical program starts with a weekend retreat that allows participants to witness Christ’s love and to experience a religious renewal to a life of Christian witness and service to one another in the institution, and beyond. Volunteers provide baked cookies, friendly support and Christian love.  We are blessed and supported by financial support from the parish.

Kairos Prison Ministry Retreat - October 12th - 15th - The Kairos Prison Team from St. Francis is facilitating a Kairos retreat at Ridgeland Correctional Institute.  We are asking for your help to provide all inmates with fresh-baked cookies.  Our goal is to take 5,00 dozen cookies into the prison to give to all of the inmates.  Please help us to meet this huge goal by baking or buying cookies and placing them in the marked boxes in the Narthex by Tuesday, October 10th at noon.

Cookies must be oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, or sugar.

Please NO powered sugar, fruit, icing, or nuts (peanut butter cookies are okay) in or on cookies.

Please Do Not use aluminum foil to wrap the cookies.

Please Do Not wrap them in large boxes*.

(*Boxes like shoe boxes or pizza boxes are ideal.)

Thank you for your help, prayers, and donations.   If you have any questions, please contact, Paul Bombige at 843-295-7476.


Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are always welcome.  If you are an adult and wish to learn more and to help with “Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives”, please phone or email us.


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