Religious Education

Mitzi Weaver, Director of Religious Education

Ministry Mission Statement: Our group of catechists, headed by a director, is responsible for the religious education of children in grades Pre-K4 through eighth who do not attend a Catholic school. More than 275 children are enrolled and there is always a need for more teachers and volunteers.

The Religious Education program of any parish is designed to support, not act as a substitute, for parental responsibility. The parish, through volunteer catechists, parish staff, and pastor, desires to work as a team with parents. Together we provide our children with a sound program to help them become disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Religious Education class of children ages 9 - 12 being prepared for First Communion, celebrated the Epiphany on January 10th with a King Cake.  This cake had hidden symbols in it of the Magi who visited the Baby Jesus.

Advent Day 2017 - Thank you to all of our Religious Education Teachers and Aides for preparing these children to sing the Christmas Carols and re-enact the Nativity.  The parishioners enjoyed the beautiful singing by our students.  Please click here to view the photos from our Advent Day 2017.

Our catechists are volunteers who give generously of themselves. They devote time to spread the message of our faith and to build up our faith community. Most are not teachers by profession; however, all possess a love of the Church and a desire to help our children grow in the love of Jesus. All catechists are required to:

  • Be in good standing with the Catholic Church, living their faith in their daily lives.

  • Attend regular catechetical meetings where continuing education takes place.

  • Conform to all Diocesan requirements including background screening, attendance at a Protecting God’s Children Workshop to educate them on prevention of child sexual abuse and how to recognize and report all forms of child abuse.

Current Membership Opportunities: We need teachers and volunteers. Please fill out the below form if you would like to be a volunteer in Religious Education.

Safe Environment RequirementsAll Religious Education volunteers must complete the Safe Haven - It's Up To You Training .  Please click on the link to Safe Environment to get more information on how to sign up for the Safe Haven - It's Up To You training and the Diocese of Charleston screening forms.

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