Pastoral Council

Ministry Lead/Facilitator: Fred McNamee

Scheduled Meetings: 4th Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise noted.


Use your time and talents to serve on the St. Francis Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

The role and purpose of PPC is to be a consultative body to the pastor to "help in fostering pastoral activities".  The PPC is looking for active Parish members to serve on the council for a three-year term beginning June of 2020.  Contact Fred McNamee, PPC's current facilitator or leave your name with the Parish Office.

Pastoral Parish Council Welcomes Four New Members

Three new members join the parish council at the start of the year.  Their term was to run from July 2020 to June 2023; however, the pandemic delayed the start of their term until January 2021.   Appointed to 3-year terms are  Eleanor Bell, Sandy Merritt, and Lisa Sisko.

The PPC supports all ministries and organizations as we collectively build a Catholic Community that share the Gospel of Christ through worship, formation, and service.

Eleanor Bell has been a St. Francis Parish member since 1998.  She has been a Choir Member, served as a cantor, a Minister of the Eucharist, a member of the Linen Committee, a volunteer at St. Francis Thrift Shop (including on the Thrift Shop Council), a member of the Women of St. Francis (including being President), and taught Religious Education Classes.  At a prior Parish, she participated in Bible Study and worked with the Youth Group.

Sandy Merritt joined the St. Francis parish four years ago.  She has been active in the Women of St. Francis, is currently the Vice President of that group and co-chair of the Fashion Show.  At a previous parish, she was active in the Parent Teacher Organization.

Lisa Sisko joined St. Francis in mid-2019.  She serves as a Minister of the Eucharist, participated in the Christ Renews His Parish Retreat.  She is also a member of the St. Francis Catholic School Council where she serves on the Enrollment Committee and as the Chair of the Annual Fund Committee.  At a prior parish, she was very active in a number of ministries as well as a member of their Parish Council.

Fred McNamee serves as a facilitator for the Pastoral Parish Council.  Including Fred McNamee and Father Michael Oenbrink, the Parish Pastoral Council has a total of 13 members.

Parish Pastoral Council Members – 2020-2021

Father Michael Oenbrink

Ron Angner

Eleanor Bell

Katie Bolchoz

Anne Derepentigny

John Fitzgerald

Thom Hill

Kenneth James

Connie Killeen

Christina Kohmescher

Fred McNamee

Sandy Merritt

Lisa Sisko

Mission Statement:

Role of the Council

The Parish Pastoral Council (“PPC”, “Pastoral Council” or “Council”) is a consultative body to the Pastor through which the Christian faithful can offer their gifts and “their help in fostering pastoral activity”. This is both the role and purpose of the parish pastoral council.

Pastoral activity is constituted by the following:

  • Proclamation of the Word of God and Catechetical Formations.
  • Celebration of the Eucharist and the other Sacraments as well as the fostering of family and individual prayer.
  • Service of those in spiritual and bodily need.
  • The fostering of this pastoral activity within the parish should be the primary function of the Parish Pastoral Council before any other activity.

Pastoral Council Membership

  • Members of the Parish Pastoral Council are to be the pastor, members of the staff designated by the Pastor, and members of the parish who are in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church and who are registered members of St. Francis by the Sea Roman Catholic Church.
  • Council membership should reflect the different facets of parish life and is to number 10 members, not including the Pastor or his staff, but can function with nine, without replacements. One of the selected members should represent the Hispanic community, if no Hispanic is selected, the Pastor, at his discretion, can appoint one to serve a one-year term, with the option for reappointment each year for a maximum of three years of service. This action may result in increasing Council to 11 members, which is permissible.
  • Council members are to serve a three-year term (July-June) with vacancies to be filled as soon as possible. After serving three years, an individual will rotate off Council however; that individual may apply for another three-year term. For stability, member terms will be on a staggered basis, with the number of members selected each year being dependent upon the number of open positions to be filled.
  • Members are expected to attend all meetings. Failure to attend four meetings without an excused absence will be considered a resignation.
  • At the beginning of the new Council year, the names of the members of Parish Pastoral Council are to be made known promptly to the parishioners.

Current Activities:

  • Review new ministry applications.
  • Assist the pastor in evaluations at his requests.
  • Review parishioner input on the parish activities and strategic planning reviews and recommendations to the pastor.
  • Assist with effective communications within the parish

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

ELECTION PROCEDURES - Pastoral Council is currently seeking Candidates for open positions created by retiring members.  If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Fred McNamee.

  • At the regular council meeting in January of each year, the chair shall appoint a Nominating Committee. This committee will be made up of three council members, one acting as the chair, and up to five members of the parish.
  • The Nominating Committee will advertise for new candidates for the Council by announcements from the pulpit and in the weekly Bulletin. The Nominating Committee members are also charged with soliciting candidates. Parish members will be requested to submit recommendations to the committee no later than the last Sunday in March, using a form provided to parishioners by the committee.
  • The Nominating Committee will develop a candidate list from members of the parish to serve on the Council for three-year terms, to replace those members with expiring terms. It is important that the prospective candidates be willing to serve a full three-year term.
  • The Nominating Committee shall consider all relevant factors on prospective candidates, i.e., experience, talents, and any other attributes beneficial to the Council. A balance of sex, age and ethnic background should be represented on the Council whenever possible. All candidates must have the approval of the pastor to serve on the council if elected.
  • The Nominating Committee will submit the Bios of all candidates, including its recommendations for filling Board vacancies, to the PPC. The Council will make the final selection of candidates to fill all vacancies.
  • Names of those selected to serve on the Council, with their Bios, will be communicated to the Parish via the Parish Bulletin on the first Sunday in June.


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