Catholic Certified Spiritual Directors

Many religious traditions encourage the use of a spiritual guide to facilitate and assist believers on the path of spiritual growth.  What makes a Catholic spiritual director different is that he or she is not a guru whose words are to be obeyed blindly, but rather a companion and resource on your own personal journey of faith.

The following names are Catholic Certified Spiritual Directors in the Beaufort Deanery that have been researched by the Diocese.  Each are willing to receive new people for this wonderful service.

Marie R. James - Bluffton Area - 843-757-5107 - Click here to E-mail Marie

Terri Cesarz - Hilton Head Area - Cick here to E-mail Terri

Judith Ann (Judy) Gabriel - Beaufort Area - 843-522-1440 - Click here to E-Mail Judy

Sister Bonnie McHugh, Daughters of Charity - Beaufort Area - 210-833-0504 - Click here to E-Mail Sister Bonnie

If you have any questions, please contact Sister Kathy Adamski, OSF - 843-261-0498 or you may click here to E-mail Sister Kathy.