Parish Overview

This Menu Item - Parish Overview - contains items that are of importance to members of the St. Francis parish, but it is available to be viewed by anyone.

  • About St.Francis by the Sea - Provides information on our history, organizational structure and location.
  • Parish Calendar - Provides access to the calendar of events at St. Francis
  • Advisory Councils - Provides information on the two advisory councils associated with the Church.
  • Funerals - Provided information on holding funerals at St, Francis By the Sea Church. (Under Construction)
  • Columbarium - Provides information on the Columbarium located behind the St. Francis by the Sea Church building.
  • Bulletins - Provides access to digital copies of recently published Weekly Bulletins.
    • Bulletin Supporters - Provide access to a list of organizations that support the publication of our Weekly Bulletin.  Please support them.
  • Photos -  Provides access to various photo albums of activities at St. Francis (Under Construction)