Liturgical Support

The items in the Liturgical Support category provide functions prior to the actual services that facilitate and enhance the service

  • Altar Decorations - Responsible for the weekly fresh flowers on the altar.
  • Altar Linens - Cares for the linens used at all Masses.
  • Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick - Serve by bringing Holy Communion to Catholics who are unable to attend Mass.
  • Funeral Servers - Assists in preparing the church (and Columbarium, if needed) for the Mass of Christian Burial.
  • Greeters - Personally welcome all those who attend the weekend Masses.
  • Liturgical Environment - Responsible for changing the Liturgical environment in the Church according to the Liturgical Calendar
  • Wedding Preparation Team - Helps with the setup for the wedding ceremony, and assist the participants as needed.